Who doesn’t love the magnificent ocean and its emporium of sea creatures? Add in the fierce spirit of our vintage mermaids and you have the perfect combination of coloring options for those moments you finally steal away just for you. The Color of Grit: Vintage Mermaid & Magnificent Ocean is a an adult coloring book with soothing ocean treasures, frolicking sea creatures, words of inspiration, and bold mermaids.

We see coloring as an opportunity for self-care. Something you can do almost anywhere (though, if you try to do it in a rainstorm it will damage the pages. We’d include a disclaimer, but we trust ya to figure it out). You can give it five minutes, or five hours. You can choose a page that is a meditative mosaic, or one that has lots of blank space for you to fill in however, your heart desires.

You'll receive a download with 45 PDFs of 8.5x11 inch pages that give you ample space to color. Each quote and the most visually important part of each picture is maintained within an 8x10” space, so that you can easily cut out your masterpiece and place it in a commonly sold picture frame size.

We include multiple styles to assure you have a variety of options and get the most out of your purchase. Designed for grown-ups, but the variety assures all ages can enjoy!